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Book Review: Baldacci, Hell's Corner

Hell’s Corner

David Baldacci

Book #5 in the Camel Club series revolves around a bomb detonation in Lafayette Park in Washington D.C.  Oliver Stone (aka John Carr), the Camel Club series main character, is in the thick of it, and the rest of the book is spent figuring out who did it and why.

Having the attack happen on a night the British Prime Minister is visiting the White House provides a plausible (sort of) reason for  Oliver to team up with an MI-6 agent while investigating.  The bits of the book that cover the investigation were well written, taking something that in an episode of CSI would be carried out with no dialog, just a music soundtrack followed by an explanation of what was found in a brief exchange back at the lab.   Translating that kind of visual discovery of physical evidence into the written form required multiple trips back to the crime scene, something that challenged the plausibility of the story (really? how long are these cops going to hang out at this park?), but the author made good use of new discovery and carrying out the concept of a person with a lingering doubt, that one thing in the back of their mind that doesn’t seem right but they just can’t put their finger on it.

I actually finished this book awhile ago and this is a make-up review.  Still working through my backlog, the next review will be of Anthony Marra’s “A Constellation of Vital Phenomena”, something completely different.



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